Hassl features

Everything you’ll ever need to run your business.

  • Unlimited Guests

    #guests #accessprivileges #collaborate

    Give free access to others you collaborate with. Set access privileges for clients, freelancers, partners or others who aren’t in your team.

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  • Unlimited Tasks & Projects

    #tasks #projects #milestones

    Manage your tasks and milestones. Whenever, wherever. Make as many projects as you like, on desktop and our mobile apps.

  • To-do Lists


    Tick off tasks on your to-do lists, and they’ll update in their projects automagically.

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  • Time Tracking

    #productivity #reports #analysis

    Keep on your of your tasks and see what’s taking up your time. Intuitive, one-click time tracking your team will enjoy using.

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  • Version Control

    #files #versioncontrol

    Automatic version control will detect new versions of files for you, so everyone has the most up-to-date files.

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  • Teams

    #projectteams #departments

    Work on projects as a small group or an entire department.

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  • Reports

    #projectreports #invoicing

    View priorities, productivity and progress. Invoice for each task accordingly, based on how you and your team performed.

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  • Private Projects

    #privateprojects #accessprivileges

    Set access privileges for all your teams. Keep certain projects private, as needed.

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  • Instant Chat Messaging

    #instantchat #teamcommunication

    No more emails. Communicate with your team instantly, on any device.

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  • Hassl Brain

    #ai #predictive

    A fun feature that uses AI to give you handy suggestions and prefill repetitive actions. Like Clippy, but not annoying.

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  • Gantt Charts/Timelines

    #ganttchart #projecttimeline #projectdeadlines

    From tasks to timelines in one click. Map out tasks accordingly to make project deadlines achievable.

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  • Custom Columns

    #filesharing #files #uploads

    Create projects that work for you. Edit columns based on your specific needs – choose from text, dates, status updates or people.

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  • Collaborative Notes

    #notes #documents #docs #text

    Share the things your team needs easy access to. Work on text together without having to send documents back and forth.

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  • Calendar

    #day #week #month #planning

    Plan your team’s day, week and month. Browse important tasks and project dates, as well as any team events you’d like to shout about.

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  • Announcements

    #broadcasts #communication

    Send an announcement straight to your team’s dashboard.

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  • Activity Feeds

    #activity #progress

    See everything that’s happened, and when. Track your team’s progress on each project.

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  • 100 GB File Storage

    #filesharing #files #uploads #versioncontrol #storage

    Store, share and collaborate to your heart’s content – there’s plenty of room. With version control, you’ll never have to worry about duplicate files either.

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