Hassl Features5th November, 2020

Send an announcement straight to your team’s dashboard.

Hassl Announcements & How To Make ‘Em 

In an attempt to rid the world of HR emails, we built the handy ‘Announcements’ feature into the Hassl dashboard. It allows a project manager or administrator to send an announcement to everyone’s dashboard. So if you’ve got news, updates or just something you need to share with your team — use this tool wisely.

Why do I even need an announcement feature?!

Maybe it’s a birthday or maybe it’s a new puppy, whatever it is, let the people know about it!  No more yelling across the office or spamming your team’s inbox. 

Reduces unnecessary emails

If we weren’t clear enough, this feature is meant to reduce email clutter. Ensure that no one misses an important update (like cake in the kitchen) by giving them a literal news flash instead of an email chain that might get ignored or worse, deleted. The announcement places itself on top of each person’s dashboard and users can choose to take it off their dashboard when they wish.

Can perk up work days!

Announcements can be a fun thing — from coffee breaks to new project updates, announcements can be a great way to keep your team in the loop. If anyone has questions about the announcement, they can address the same via Hassl chat. Engagement is easy to maintain with announcements, especially if you’re working with a remote team.


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