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Instant Chat Messaging on Hassl

Cara Shrivastava
2 minute read • Hassl Features
9th October, 2020

No more emails. Communicate with your team instantly, on any device. Meet Hassl, the task manager with chat.

What is Hassl Chat? 

Simply put, the best team communication software you’d ever need. It’s honestly exactly what is sounds like, a team chat software that’s integrated into Hassl. It allows you to instantly talk to your team, create group chats and upload files — all in one place.

Why are team chat apps important?

Considering that working from home isn’t just ‘the new normal’ but status quo in 2020, communication has become increasingly vital to a company’s survival. Project management tools have become a necessity and along with it, communication channels. Collaboration for small businesses has become expensive as apps integrate with others to provide one big collaborative package.

Hence, the idea behind Hassl, a task manager with chat integrated. An app that was user-friendly, simple, and just…ticked all the boxes. Why work on multiple platforms when you can just work on one? If that hasn’t convinced you, here are some outlined benefits of Hassl Chat:

1. Reduce Email Clutter (and email anxiety!)

Don’t even try to lie — we’ve all had emails ignored. Then there’s this whole dance back and forth over when it’s appropriate to follow up, whether it was genuinely lost amongst their other emails…the list goes on. It can be particularly annoying when you need a fairly immediate response; especially if other people’s tasks are influenced by the outcome of this email. 

I could rant on about this but Hassl’s co-founder, Lauren Crystal, put together a succinct piece on how to combat email anxiety with eight simple tips. Spoiler alert, the number one tip is communication with internal staff on what goes into an email and what doesn’t. With Hassl Chat, all our inboxes have never looked cleaner!

2. Instant Communication

Like stated above, responses to emails are often delayed due to the chances of it getting lost in someone’s inbox amongst all the other emails vying for attention. Also, emails come with attached with strange formalities! Or is that just me? Stressing about signing off correctly, starting it right — so much time wasted when you could just slide into someone’s messages and say, “Hey, how’s that deck coming along? Need any input?” And you get sent a link to it or the file and there you go, communication in less than a minute. No extra strings attached.

3. No more integrations

I cannot stress this enough but with Hassl, you’re not going to have to pay a third-party integration fee for extra additions. It’s all neatly integrated into one project management tool. Collaboration for small businesses no longer needs to be pricey — it’s just $6 a month for everything. That’s essentially a coffee and a half for a world of organisation and instant communication, all in one place.

How to use Hassl Chat

It’s super simple to get started with Hassl Chat. Here’s a quick video to show you how.



Stick to a private conversation, create a group chat for a quick update to get everyone on the same page and instantly upload required files. This is especially handy when you need to get a team member’s eye on a file before you send it to a client or upload it to a task.

Oh and, of course, Hassl chat has emojis.  ✨💃🕺✨

Keen to try it for yourself? Start your free trial on Hassl or jump on our standard plan today. 

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