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$4.20 per user per month. Unlimited projects, tasks, chats, 100GB storage, and no hidden fees.

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Avoid clutter

Features can be turned on or off for any of your projects.

  • Projects

    Manage your tasks and milestones. Whenever, wherever.

  • Files

    Store and share all your projects' files in one place.

  • Chat

    Communicate instantly, on any device.

  • Notes

    Share the things your project needs easy access to.

  • Time Tracking

    Built-in intuitive time tracking your team will find a pleasure to use.

  • Teams

    Create teams, assign projects and track productivity.

  • Gantt Charts

    Switch on Gantt charts at any point in a project, and export them in Excel format.

  • iOS/Android App

    Communicate and manage projects from anywhere. We suggest the beach.

  • Dark Mode

    Creature of the night? Try out Dark Mode to reduce glare. It also looks cool as hell.

  • Announcements

    Send an announcement straight to your team’s dashboard.

  • Productivity View

    View team and individuals task lists, activity feeds and productivity insights.

  • Calendar

    Browse important tasks and project dates, as well as any team events you’d like to shout about.

  • Private Projects

    Set access privileges for all your teams.

  • Project Reports

    Priorities, productivity and progress per project.

  • Custom columns

    Choose exactly the columns you'd like for any project. Add, edit and remove to your heart's content.

  • Activity Feeds

    See everything that's happened, and when.

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