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Hassl Features5th November, 2020

See everything that’s happened, and when. Track your team’s progress on each project.

Hassl Activity Feeds & How To View ‘Em 

If you’re concerned about how to keep track of a project, Hassl’s activity feeds are going to be your best friend. Depending on your assigned user role on Hassl, you can view a user or project’s activity feed for status updates or project updates without having to directly bother them. Keep an eye on approaching deadlines, potential timesinks and more with this handy feature! 

Activity Feed

Why do I need an Activity Feed?

Are you really going to pretend like procrastination isn’t a thing? Activity feeds help fight against it, by holding your team and you accountable. Each project showcases a feature named, ‘Project Pulse’ which shows you activity peaks. Not only does this tell you what date tasks were completed, but it also gives you complete updates on any activity within that project — a custom activity feed of sorts.

Project Pulse

Benefits of an Activity Feed

Track Project Progress

As mentioned earlier, it helps you manage a project, ensuring deadlines are being met. If you notice a sink in project activity or a pause — it can easily be explained by the responsible team member. It also ensures that your inbox stays clean. No one is sending you unnecessary emails about a project’s updates…because it’s all on Hassl already!

Visualisation of Project Reports

With ‘Project Pulse’, each project receives a visual report. These can be used to flesh out final project reports, or even as continuous project updates for clients. Remember, guests can be added to Hassl as well, to keep them up to date, negating the need for emails about updates. 

Prevent Employee Burnout

Another core element of an Activity Feed is how it helps keep a lookout for employees who might be struggling to find the right work-life balance. Activity Feeds take note of any activity of a user on a project or in general. It also helps spot potential burnout — take the time out to do a review of your projects to ensure everything is going on track. If you notice tasks taking longer than usual to be completed, or an employee being overworked, it’s time to reorganise the project to accommodate for the same. Wellness is key for a productive work environment.


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