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Slack Alternative – Hassl vs Slack 

Lauren Crystal
3 minute read • Hassl Features
14th August, 2019

Slack has been named the fastest-growing SaaS startup in history, a great feat for the tool that established a channel for professional online communication. Their app is great for what it does but it can also be very limiting as Slack is a communication tool, not a project management tool. Yes, Slack has a great API and is full of third party apps and integrations but that also means if you’re looking to get more out of your ecosystem, eventually you’re going to need a Slack alternative.
Let’s look at it this way. If you had to make a big batch of soup, you could get lots of little pots and hire a few cooks to manage it all. Or…you could just get a bigger pot. Slack is a great tool for communication and file sharing, it even has a bunch of great integrations (lots of little pots). However, if you’re looking for ONE tool to manage your projects, files and communication all in one place (one big pot), Hassl is your answer — a task manager with chat! 

Here are 7 reasons why Hassl is the ideal Slack alternative:

1. Tasks and to-do lists

Slack itself doesn’t provide task management or to-do lists.  It relies on its wealth of integrations. This means that you will need to integrate with a task management tool such as integrating with Asana, forcing you to learn (and pay for!) another app. 
Hassl? Yeah, we have both. A private to-do list for when you need to remember the most random things along with work and a whole project timeline broken up into tasks.

2. Gantt charts 

Just like tasks, the only way to set up Gantt charts & project timelines is with an integration. It’s almost like Slack isn’t meant to be a project management tool! Hassl’s Gantt charts are customisable, you can choose to have them appear under specific projects or not at all. Oh and, there’s no extra integration required. It’s built into the single paid plan we have. 

3. Calendar

Another Slack integration…do you start to see a theme here? Hassl’s calendar reflects important dates, team birthdays, or even special office events! Easy to update and helps showcase a transparent workflow. 

4. Time tracking

You guessed it. Another integration. This could be a fun drinking game, at the rate we’re going. Time tracking is a tricky one, eh? Most project management tools ask for quite a hefty sum for this feature but our plan accounts for that nifty feature — and we’ve made it real easy to use. It’s literally one click of a button and boom, you’re tracking each task.

5. More than 10GB Storage

Slack has quite a few different plans wherein the standard plan allows you to upload up to 10GB worth of files. If we’re comparing apples to apples, our standard plan comes with 100GB storage (and if you need more, reach out to our team for a quick chat). P.S. Hassl also accounts for version control, so you’re always going to be able to find the most updated version of a file…not the one from 2 weeks ago with no revisions. 

6. Staff activity feed

Without tasks and deadlines, it’s hard to manage staff and see what they are up to on a specific project. Staff activity feeds in Hassl allow managers to delegate and monitor productivity to ensure that each team member doesn’t have too many tasks due at the same time and to ensure they are working effectively. 

7. In-built Chat

Sure, Slack has multiple channels that give you the communication tool of your dreams — but let’s be honest. How many times have you had to convince co-workers to jump on it or use Slack instead of another messaging app to communicate? Emails appear to be the bane of everyone’s existence, yet we continue to use them. Hassl aims to change that with the in-built chat feature that allows you to set up group messages, private message a co-worker or guest instantly, and share files. All of the convenience, in one place, on one app.
Are you really going to say Hassl isn’t the best Slack alternative out there?

Want to get started on managing your soup (tasks) better? 

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