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7 new Hassl features to look out for

Lauren Crystal
3 minute read • Hassl Features
3rd October, 2019

You asked, we delivered. Meet the improved Hassl.

We’ve upgraded Hassl with seven fantastic new project tool features — prepare to take your project management to the next level. At Hassl, we’ve always emphasised on the fact that it would remain simple and that we were building this as a team, for teams. With collective input from fellow Hassl users, we put together a list of what people wanted to see most. Whether it was to help organise projects better, improve team collaboration or task management, we wanted to hear it. And then of course, be able to act on it too!

Say hello to Hassl’s new features:

1. File Folders

folders for all of your files for hassl project management tool

We’ve decided to take file management super seriously.

Working with multiple teams on projects can result in a flurry of files being thrown into storage, with no real pattern to it. Now, manage your projects, much like you would on Google Drive. Categorise your folders however you like and upload files under them, accordingly.
No more messy links lost in long email threads, they’re all in one place.

2. Custom Columns

custom columns like but for cheper with for hassl project management tool

Completely customisable projects.

That’s right folks, you can now have up to 8 columns in your task list. You can have a column for comments, a column for links, a column for numbers. Hell, you can have two status columns if you need it. You can also remove anything you don’t need to make your collaboration as simple as possible.
We’d suggest mapping out what columns you actually need before you dive into an 8-column massacre though. That sounds like it might be a tad bit overwhelming. But hey, if that’s how you plan to achieve your tasks and deadlines, who are we to judge? You do you, boo.

3. Email-to-comment

reply to a email directly to hassl app for hassl project management tool

Still stuck in emails? That’s ok, we forgive you.

You can now reply to comments directly via email.* Just send a reply email to any Hassl notifications and it’ll end up in-app. We know, it may seem a bit backward, but hey, we also know that not everyone on your team is going to be comfortable with a new project management tool. So hopefully, this will push them one step closer towards being fully integrated with your online workforce.
*We suggest using with caution though as emails suckkkkkkkkk.

4. Collaborative Note Editing

collaborate notes like google docs for hassl project management tool

Just like Google Docs, but not as blue.

We’ve installed a new note system. Now, up to five team members (or guests) can type from anywhere in the world on the same note at the same time. Perfect for meetings or working collaboratively on a piece of content. This is especially great for meeting notes — we’re all a little guilty of losing track of exactly what happened in each meeting. Brush up on what happened or stay in the loop with a quick glance at each note which can conveniently be stored under respective projects.
We’re very guilty of abusing this feature for the above reason. It’s been a lifesaver though, and a great feature for catching up new people on a project!

5. Restricted Guest Access

guest access provate folders for hassl project management tool

Ensure your guests only see what they need to.

With our revamped guest access you can decide if your guests can access all the project info, or just things relevant to them. We’ve all had a scary client or two, so we understand if you want to shut them out until you perfect your project. Plus, this way, your team doesn’t feel like they’re constantly being watched and can ask for quick feedback on tasks.

6. Change Statuses From Dashboard

Change Status From Dashboard - Feature

Your task list on dashboard has improved functionality.

How, you ask? Change your task statuses from the dashboard and dismiss any tasks that aren’t a priority. Adjusting your workflow helps focus on tasks in real time. This way, your dashboard can help you visualise your day quickly.

7. Favourite a project

So you’ve got lots of projects but there’s a couple you are constantly working on?

Hunt down the favourite button for quick sidebar access. It’ll make your life a lot easier, allowing you to switch up projects as needed.

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