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August 14, 2019

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Hassl vs alternatives

If you have been researching project management and task apps for long enough you will likely be bombarded with ads for If you are researching which app best suits your needs, here is what you need to know. 

Not that we’re biased or anything *shifty eyes* but Hassl is a better (and cheaper) project management tool alternative to Why? Well, has a lot of features but their model encourages you to upgrade more and more until you end up paying up to $96 month for 5 users. It is also a little overwhelming. It has so many features that you’ll need a task list just to learn how to use your task list. 


Here are 7 reasons why Hassl is better than

  1. Instant Chat
  2. Calendar
  3. Time tracking
  4. Storage
  5. Announcements
  6. Projects
  7. Teams

1. Instant Chat Messaging and group chats

Being able to instantly and easily communicate with your team is one of the most important features for a project management tool. Hence why Slack has been so successful. Instead of an instant messenger chat feature. allows you to make comments on tasks but it isn’t very efficient when you’re trying to ask a question or chat with your team. does allow you to integrate with Slack but why have two tools when you could just use one? If you want to be able to easily communicate with your team and clients, choose Hassl over 

2.Calendar does have a calendar feature but it is only available on the standard plan. Hassl Calendar is visible on your dashboard, with automatic task and project dates, as well as any organisational events you’d like to add. This is also very handy for upcoming events, meetings or due dates.

3.Time tracking

Time Tracking is an incredibly useful tool to ensure you are staying within your budget and to track which tasks are consuming your day. If you currently track your project hours through another app like Harvest, now you can start tracking time directly within your project instead of using a third-party app. We’ve built-in an easy, one-click Time Tracking on both our web and mobile app for all your resourcing needs. You can also estimate the amount of time you think a task or project will take and then compare it with the actual time once completed. If you don’t need time tracking than you don’t have to use it, it’s as simple as that.  It’s there when you need it and you can hide it if you don’t need it. 

4. Lots of storage

Hassl offers more storage space than This means that you can upload all of the necessary files and documents you need for a project. Easily accessible in one place – no more messy Dropbox and Google Drive folders and links. One of the best features of Hassl file uploading is file version control. 

Not sure what file version control means? This will change your life. File version control ensures that you only have the most updated version of a file. This is essential when working on a project with your team as it ensures that you are all working on the most updated version. No more naming files “This is the final one V2 FINAL VERSION”. Your files will always be up to date and never edit files that are old. And because Hassl is on your mobile too, you can use the file upload to send files from your phone to your computer and visa-versa. Perfect for sending files on the go or posting photos on Instagram. No more emailing documents or photo attachments. 

5. Announcements

Got something to share? Send an announcement straight to your team’s dashboard. Let everyone in your team know about some recent news or updates with announcements. Maybe it’s a birthday, maybe it’s a new puppy, whatever it is, let the people know about it!  No more yelling across the office or overflowing up your team’s inbox. 

6. Private projects

Some projects don’t need to be seen by everyone in your team. Maybe it’s for boring accounting or maybe it’s for a classified project or even a  surprise party plan. Whatever it is, you should have control of who can see and interact with your projects. 

7. Teams

Create teams, assign projects and track productivity. If you have separate teams within your larger organisation, Hassl teams is the perfect solution. This is perfect for when you might be working on a project that only involves a certain department, such as designers, developers or managers. This will ensure that only the people that are directly involved with the project can work together without bothering the other departments. 


Monday has a long list of features and integrations but it can be a little overwhelming – falling prey to feature bloat. Essential features like time tracking and file storage are only available to those on the more expensive plans. also isn’t as intuitive as it could be. Which results in more time being spent trying to manage your project management tool than actually completing the projects. 

Start your 14 day free trial on Hassl Business.  or Join Hassl For Free. Our Standard plan is free forever.



Lauren Crystal

Scottish digital entrepreneur in Melbourne. Proud MD of Your Creative Agency, co-founder of Hassl. Contributor to The Startup.

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