Hassl Brain

Hassl Features8th October, 2020

Save time with automation in project management. Meet Hassl Brain, our handy little AI assistant to deal with repetitive tasks.

What is Hassl Brain? 

Much like every AI assistant in project management, Hassl Brain aims to take the monotony out of a routine task. At present, Hassl Brain detects if you’ve performed a predictable action and then offers to imitate the same by filling in the rest of your Hassl milestone. For example, if you assign two tasks in a milestone to someone in your team, Hassl Brain would ask you if you’d like to assign the rest of the tasks within the milestone to the same member. This function can be carried out for setting status updates and dates too. It is especially useful for those milestones that seem never-ending!

So, in short, Hassl Brain is a lot like good ol’ Clippy — just not as annoying.

Why is automation in project management important?

While Hassl Brain’s functionality is relatively toned down in comparison to other project management automation tools there are a few reasons as to why people love a little AI assistant. Broadly speaking, benefits include reducing workspace clutter, boosting efficiency, increasing productivity and importantly, helping cross-collaboration. 

Automation in project management helps you to…

1. Boost efficiency

AI assistants help reduce workspace clutter through automation that negates the need for unnecessary emails. If programmed to suit your needs, AI assistants can notify team members of impending deadlines and help them stay on track without the need for an HR or Project Manager having to follow up. AI could also help spot anomalies due to their smart learning, over time.

2. Say goodbye to monotony

Administrative tasks can get monotonous — especially within larger corporations. That’s where AI comes in, to perform automated tasks. Often, these tasks can be time-consuming and can lead to errors along the way. With automation, not only do you massively reduce the chances of an error, but you save the time of a valuable professional who can now redirect their time elsewhere.

3. Increase collaboration

When you sync up AI with your project management tool, as mentioned above, it helps boost efficiency. As a result, it also aids in cross-team collaboration as members are individually informed of due dates as well as new assignments. It keeps everyone on the same page, updating people involved as deemed necessary. It prevents updates or follow-up emails from getting lost or being ignored.

How to use Hassl Brain

It’s easy to use Hassl Brain if you’d like to give our AI assistant a try. It’s integrated across all your projects automatically — here’s how it works:

Hassl Brain is still being tested continuously but if there’s something cool that you’d like to see it do, let us know at contact@hassl.co and we’ll get on it! 

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