Gantt Charts & Project Timelines

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July 24, 2019

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Create project timelines and gantt charts from your tasks

Switch on Gantt charts at any point in a project and flip between views with ease. Export them to CSV spreadsheets, too! Don’t worry, you can turn it off and on whenever you like without losing any information. Finally, a simple Gantt chart tool to manage your projects and tasks.


Why you should use Gantt chart project timelines:

  • Create project timeline and Gantt chart templates for recurring services and projects.  
  • Keep track of your project and stay on schedule
  • Export gantt chart to Microsoft excel or google sheets
  • Reduce likelihood of procrastination and time wasting
  • Share projects with guests and clients to show them what you are working on
  • Create a better project and task environment for working remotely


Check out the Top 10 Benefits of a Gantt Charts, Including: Clarity, Communication, Motivation, Coordination, Creativity, Time Management, Flexibility and Manageability

How to enable Gantt Charts

When you first create a project you will see a list of toggled options on the right-hand side ( Gantt charts, Time tracking, and Hassl Brain). To Gantt charts for that project, simply turn Gantt Charts on.

how to enable time tracking


Swap between task list and Gantt chart

Once you have enabled Gantt Charts for your project, you will see a purple button appear above your list of tasks.You can now switch between your task list view and Gantt chart project timeline view.  For Gantt Charts to work correctly, you will need to enter start and finish dates for each of your tasks.

How to Export Gantt Charts

To export Gantt charts to excel, simply click the export to excel button.


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