Hasslin’ through the Holidays

Culture17th December, 2020

When December hits, it’s possibly the most chaotic time of the year. With projects to wrap up before the holidays hit, the general holiday mood setting in, and everyone scrambling to finish last-minute tasks that continuously seem to pop up. For us here at Hassl, task management is a bit of a breeze so we’ve been having a bit of fun using it for a little more than just your average project management. 

December means office Christmas parties, fun recipes, seasonal task lists and so much more! And we’ve learned that Hassl is a brilliant little helper through it all. Here’s how it helped handle Christmas at work and a bunch of Christmas activities!

Planning a Christmas party

The bosses at Hassl take celebrations very seriously. One boss has issues saying no to strict budgeting, so the people designated to organising social events always go a bit wild — which the whole team has no complaints about. It’s always entertaining to see what they’re going to do next, but from what we’ve overheard…there’s a whole lot of activity planned for 2021. 

When it came to Christmas though, with restrictions in place we had no choice but to hold off on concrete plans until we knew what was going to happen in Melbourne. Thankfully, the odds worked out in our favour and our ‘Christmas in July’ event that was clearly meant to happen in July, got aptly moved up to December. 

This immediately meant getting the team together to make sure it all would go according to plan and what better tool than Hassl? Our little template looked a bit like this:

Put together a Christmas Recipe list

Through the pandemic, instead of Friday night drinks we decided to do Friday activities over Zoom and realised that we were all clearly budding chefs in the making. So for Christmas, we each volunteered a tried and tested recipe of things we’d be proud of putting out on a Christmas spread. So if you’re keen to try some out, hit us up and we’ll share some of our Hassl-approved recipes via our next newsletter!

Get your best tunes on!

Of course, no Christmas party would be a Christmas party without the iconic jingles we all know and love. We asked each member to contribute a song but we’re apparently personally giving Mariah Carey her cheque this year.

Don’t forget to do a good deed

It’s the season for giving so of course, as a fun little pre-Christmas activity, we asked each person to do one task and put it into Hassl, to inspire the team. 

Overall, we think we’ve had quite a successful year at Hassl, even with 2020 being the year it was.

Thank you especially, for all your support through 2020! We hope to keep helping you manage your tasks in 2021.

P.S. Keep a lookout for new features hitting Hassl in 2021, we’re very excited! If you haven’t already, check out our new wellness feature, aimed at helping break the taboo of taking a ‘break’ while at work.