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Hassl Chats: Filmmaker, Jake Ashe

Ryan Baldwin
3 minute read • Interviews
28th September, 2020

Jake Ashe is the cinematographer and co-founder of Electric Bubble, an Australian based documentary production company.  We had a chat with Jake about his work, inspiration, workflow and why he uses Hassl. Reading this post is best experienced while listening to Jakes Playlist. 

This is the first interview of a new series called Hassl Chats, where we interview all the amazing people who use Hassl.

What led you to start making films?

I guess it’s the old cliche, I always loved movies as a kid and was ultimately fascinated by the magic of cinema. As an angsty teen, I started making films of my friends skateboarding and later found greater satisfaction in the process of that than actually skateboarding.

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What inspires you?

Art and music inspire me. I love trying to reverse engineer how something is created, trying to understand the thought pattern put into creating. I don’t have a heap of people I look up to in my life but I guess if I had to say, someone, Hunter S. Thompson.

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Cameron Brunt, Director and Co-founder of Electric Bubble.

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Jake and John Kaye shooting in Indo last year for Signs of Life.

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Jakes current home office in Manly, Sydney.

What does a typical day/week look like?

I don’t have a typical day/week and find a lot of discomfort in routine. The moment my process starts to feel like a 9–5 I throw everything up in the air and take a left turn.

I would much rather get lost in a project then have a schedule, to me filmmaking is about trying to make ideas turn into reality and not stopping until you are at 99.9% of your vision.


Jake’s notebook, analog Hassl.

How does Hassl help you manage film projects?

With a somewhat chaotic lifestyle, you need some structure to keep everything grounded, Hassl is my rock. All my ideas spawn through Hassl and later follow through with pre to post-production.

What other apps do you use regularly use?

I am a big fan of the Google suite, I use all the apps like Google docs and calendar but some filmmaking apps I use are Sun Surveyor to see what the sun is doing and Celtx which is a free script writing software.

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Screengrab from Handcrafted.

What is a project you are proud of?

In 2017 I was the cinematographer, editor and helped produce a documentary called Handcrafted. A film about custom Australian motorbike builders, whilst I’m much further ahead with my work now I still learnt a lot from an undertaking like this and it has led me to bigger and better projects. I’m proud of this one not for the quality of my work but what it represents, taking a step in the right direction and backing myself.

Jake’s mild obsession with collecting old cameras – and Cockroaches. 

Any books and music you are into at the moment?

For some strange reason ever since isolation I have started getting back into some classics like Rockwell, Johnny Cash and Marvin Gaye. I have been reading some cliche self-motivation books lately, I just finished How to Make Friends and Influence People.

What are 3 songs that make you feel nostalgic?

My Happiness, Powderfinger.

Old Man, Neil Young.

Is This Love, Bob Marley.

What are some of your favourite docos?

I love Eddie Martin’s documentary All This Mayhem and am a big fan of Joe Talbot’s The Last Black Man In San Francisco.

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What advice would you give an aspiring filmmaker?

I hate giving advice because I like to think that I will forever be a student. I’m always learning — even from people who I am further ahead in my filmmaking journey. But, if I had to give some advice, it would be:

Anything you want to promote or plug?

The big project I am working on at the moment is a documentary film we just wrapped up filming called “Wide Of The Mark”. We followed six riders and their hand-built motorbikes as they traversed through Tasmania’s most beautiful, rugged landscapes. Living off the back of their motorcycles, cooking on campfires, and having an all-out adventure. We are in post-production for that right now and I am really excited with what we have.

I have also just released Signs of Life, a documentary which captures the perspectives of Australian artist, John Kaye as he travels around Indonesia creating art.

I have also recently been putting more energy into making Youtube videos too. At the moment I’m just having fun with it all and using it as a way to break up my days.

Welcome to Hassl Chats, a new series highlighting the legends who use Hassl.

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