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Client Project – FREE Template

1 minute read • Templates
3rd August, 2021

This sample project could be used for one of your clients. For this template, we are going to layout the milestones as months; this will help you plan what tasks are due each month and help you stick to an overall marketing plan or strategy. Use this Hassl template as a guide to set up your tasks and milestones but don’t forget to make your own! 

  • Set milestones as months or weeks
  • Name the milestones to the actual month (ie. June, July, December etc)
  • Use the timeline to plan a long-term marketing strategy
  • Invite your client as guests to keep them in the loop
  • Upload all of your files and notes to the project


How to get this template

Simply log in to your Hassl account and click the Client Project from your project template list.

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