Adding Guests for Remote Collaboration

Hassl Features24th July, 2019

Make the most of Hassl and boost remote collaboration. Give free access to guests you work with.

Guests are users who you invite to a specific project. They can interact with the project they are a guest of, including, adding tasks, comments, uploading files etc. This is very useful for creating a collaborative environment for people who are working remotely as they are able to act as a team member for a project. This could be anyone from a freelancer to a client, or even just an advisor or mentor. Access can be restricted accordingly, letting them view only what you want them to. Remote collaboration doesn’t have to be hard — it all comes down to communication.
With more and more people working remotely, learning to collaborate effectively with colleagues can be a challenge. But fear not, Hassl is here to help. 

How to add a guest to a project on Hassl

  1. Open up the specific project that you want to add a guest
  2. Click edit on the top right of the project – a popup will open
  3. Click the Access tab
  4. Enter the email address of the guest you would like to add and click the Plus+ symbol.
  5. The guest will receive an invite via email to access the project

gmail emai-lnotification-for-guest-user-requestWhat’s your opinion on remote collaboration?
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