Accounts and User Roles

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July 24, 2019

Hassl Features

Administrators, Project Managers, and Team Members

3 levels of user access for smooth team management.

What are the different access roles?


Access account & billing settings, and modify team privileges.

Project Manager

Create, edit & assign teams, as well as all projects.

Team Member

Read & write access to assigned & public projects.


How can I add Invite staff?

To add users in Hassl, start by clicking the add users button on your dashboard. You can then enter in as many email addresses as you like to invite them to your Hassl organisation. You can then visit the People tab to see when the users have accepted your invitation or whether the invite is still pending.


Adding Subscribers

Subscribers are users who will be notified on every update on a project. To add a subscriber to a project, simply open the project and then click the subscriber’s button next to create milestone.

Learn more about Profile Details, preferences and passwords


Lauren Crystal

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