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9 Melbourne-based startups who are killing it

Auzi Amazia
4 minute read • Other
11th June, 2021

Melbourne is a hub for bright minds and even brighter ideas. With one of the biggest startup communities in the world, it’s no wonder that we have produced some amazing products and solutions.


Sidekicker can help anyone who’s looking for a side job with flexibility. Its vision is to reinvent casual and temporary staffing, and Sidekicker design its service to support business owners and future workers to remove the complexities and cost in hiring. Since 2019, Sidekicker has more than 10,000 casual workers on the platform, supporting 4,000 businesses across different categories, such as hospitality, business support, aged care, events and horticulture.




Easy Weddings vendor. Wedding planner.

Easy Weddings

After almost the entire year of 2020 with lockdown, it is possible in 2021 to arrange events and venues for weddings in Australia. However, it doesn’t cover that planning a wedding still be a handful of job for a couple. Chief Executive of Easy Weddings, Matt Butterworth, mentioned that most wedding celebrations are running 25 per cent to 50 per cent over budget. If you don’t want to make your wedding to be over the budget, Easy Weddings can help.

As a wedding vendor directory, Easy Weddings is one of the startups that can access thousands of Australia’s premium wedding suppliers, such as wedding venues, dresses, and invitations.


Ovira provides a drug-free solution that works to reduce pain. The device, commonly known as a TENS machine, provides small electric pulses to the abdomen. While TENS machines are best known for use in labour, they have not yet been widely used to address period pain. Ovira is specifically designed to be comfortably and unobtrusively worn during the day or while sleeping.

Ovira founder Alice Williams’ own struggle with endometriosis and debilitating period pain inspired her to found a company addressing a problem experienced by 88% of women. Blackbird has invested $1M into Ovira, a direct-to-consumer company that addresses the discomfort and isolation of period pain.



From women to women, that’s all that Shebah about in reinventing ride-sharing transportation. This women-only ride-sharing was launched on International Women’s Day 2017 and only took female passengers and children. Additionally, passengers also can request a vehicle with a baby capsule or booster seat. The founder George McEnroe created Shebah as she found the importance of providing safe transport and economic freedom to women.

Shebah also became Australia’s first carbon offset rideshare, where the passengers will be able to optionally include a small automatic fee on a trip that reflects the environmental cost. Shebah promotes this eco-friendly mission by partnering with Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM), where the payment goes directly to a particular green project.



There is 25 million pet in Australia, and 39% of the pets are dogs. According to, there are 19 dogs in every 100 people. As a dog lover, Mike and Doug build Scratch as a platform to give a various range of healthier alternatives to dog foods other than found in the supermarket. After taking some concern with pet food ingredients and the mark up in the retail supermarket, they created Scratch together.

Then, how does Scratch works? First, dog owners can input details about their dogs, like age, size, and breed and activity level. Afterwards, Scratch will create a meal plan that could last long from 25 t0 90 days. On its website, Scratch put example the dog food expenses per day.

What does self-care mean to you? If it involves spa’s treatment, beautify your nail or hairdressing, you should know what’s best for yourself. Following that, can be a platform that you should check to look at wellness and beauty services in Melbourne. It was founded in 2016, and visitors can see each business services reviews and location. So, it works similar to Zomato for food, but this is for wellness and beauty service!

You can search and book an appointment at your preferable salon at Nevertheless, if you are a salon owner, you can input your business in to grow your market as well.



RedBubble local artist market placeRedBubble

RedBubble is the place for Art e-commerce made by the local artist. You can explore items such as clothes, phone cases, wall art, and home living features for yourself or be a gift idea. If you’re the artist, you can submit and sell your creation in RedBubble.

Redbubble was founded in Australia in 2006, and 10 years later, it listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. According to, RedBubble has more than 600,000 artists selling 11 million artworks on the platform and teams that spread across offices in Melbourne, San Francisco, and Berlin.




During the Covid-19 pandemic, MYOB stays to provide information and suggestions to entrepreneurs and business owners who have Small Medium Businesses (SMEs) or just started their business. MYOB originally helps with all accounting practices related and also help the enterprise client with managing tax, payroll and elevate the business through finance.

Within 1,2 million businesses in their customer base and around 40,000 accountants and bookkeeper, MYOB stated that its purpose is to help SMEs in Australia and New Zealand to succeed.



If you are one of those entrepreneurs people and plan to launch an online business, don’t forget to do your research and check out Flippa first! Flippa considered a marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. The online business owners can meet and trade assets such as blogs, SaaS, applications, and e-commerce stores.

When it was founded in 2009, Flippa exists with a vision to support the small business ecosystem. Now, Flippa has over 1,5 million users worldwide, and nearly 500,000 business owners and buyers visit Flippa to sell or buy businesses.

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