Collaboration 101: What does #ClimateStrike mean to you?

Culture26th September, 2019

The Hassl team were among the thousands of Australian businesses to close up shop and join millions of school children across the planet protesting for climate action. We did this simply because it’s the right thing to do.
What was most inspiring about the afternoon was the diversity of the protestors. As well as a tonne of school children responding to Greta Thunberg’s call to action there were businesses from many industries as well as people of all backgrounds, ages and political views including crowds of grandparents, teachers, indigenous groups, choirs, corporates, football teams.
To get a true sense of what the day meant to the people, we talked to them. Yes that’s right folks, we had conversations with people we didn’t know.

We asked one simple question to everyone; what does today mean to you?

“Today isn’t about skipping school it’s about everyone, people of all ages and genders, coming together.” Poppy, 16

Today is about my children’s future. I want my kids to be standing under the lungs of these trees in 30 years time. Jewel, 55

Climate change is an imminent danger. I’m supporting the young and their future. Anne, 71

We’re here to let these buggers know we all want change and need government support. Sue & Bob, 79

This is an opportunity to voice our opinions and see if we can contribute to wider change. We’re here trying to make ourselves excited about the future again. Hamish, 21

I’m six months pregnant and I keep thinking of my baby when she is eighty. I want her baby to have the best life. Alexis, 35

For me today is about helping all the animals and making sure we can all live in the future. Pippy, 12