12 videos, about a minute each.

Learn everything you need to get started and be fully trained in 8 minutes. Want more? More videos can be found at HQ.

  • 1. Create a new project

    The cornerstone of any good project management is projects… here’s how.

  • 2. Add milestones and tasks

    Your project board is made up of milestones. Milestones are groups of tasks within a project. Boom.

  • 3. Setting up your task

    Once you’ve added a task – let’s add people, statuses and timelines.

  • 4. Exploring projects

    Outside of your project board, there’s a handy notes section, a place to store your project files and an activity feed to see what’s been happening.

  • 5. Work with your Todo list

    The Todo list is your go-to. Keep track of your individual tasks and let your team know you’ve ticked things off your list. Feel free to include your personal everyday errands, this will only be visible to you.

  • 6. Chat with your team

    Outside of projects, you can message any team member, either one-on-one or in group chat messages. Emojis coming soon ;^).

  • 7. File management

    You may never lose a file again, learn how easy it so to store and organise your project files. Images, zip files, videos, documents – really whatever you need to store.

  • 8. Invite external guests

    If you’d like to share a project with anyone outside of your organisation’s team it’s really simple.

  • 9. Manage project folders

    If you like to keep your projects organised into simple folders, here’s how.

  • 10. Admin accounts

    If you’re an admin, let us show you what makes you so special.

  • 11. Reset your password

    You can do it!

  • 12. Updating your profile

    Get the basics right with your profile settings. This is where you can add a profile picture, reset your password and change email preferences.