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August 8, 2019

Hassl Features


Hassl is a project management tool for people who hate project management tools.

Our Standard plan is perfect for small teams with big dreams. And it’s FREE! Not a dime.  For ever and ever.

Check out some of the features below. If you’re looking for even more features, check out our Hassl Business Plan.



Collaborate on projects.

Manage your tasks and milestones. Whenever, wherever.

project management tool with projects

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Never lose anything.

Store and share all your projects’ files in one place. The perfect alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive. Get 10gb for free! And 25gb on our business plan. 

project management tool with files


Communicate and share files with your team.

Communicate instantly, on any device. Instantly chat with your team, no more emails! 

project management tool with online instant chat

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Jot down feedback and contact details.

Share the things your project needs easy access to. Keep all of your notes in one place, so everyone knows what’s going on. 

project management tool with notes

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Activity Feeds:

Accountability everywhere, always.

See everything that’s happened, and when. Keep on track with progress and completed tasks. 

project management tool with activity feeds

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Automatic version control.

We’ll detect new versions of files for you, so everything stays neat. No more duplicates and old, outdated files. 

project management tool with file version control

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Custom Statuses:

Diversify your workflow.

For weird and wonderful workflows, create your own statuses. Keep on top of which projects and tasks are most important, overdue, urgent…. call them whatever you want! 

project management tool with custom statuses

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Group Chats:

Create group chats with anyone in your team.

Live and accessible across all devices. Insert appropriate emojis here. Instantly chat with your team, no more emails. Communicate in an instant. 

project management tool with instant group chat

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Mobile App:

Collaborate on the go.

Communicate and manage projects from anywhere. We suggest the beach. Take Hassl wherever you are. Upload files and instantly sync to all of your devices, no more emailing yourself files or annoying Dropbox links! 

project management tool with mobile app


Looking for even more features?

Check our Hassle Business! It has all the great features of Hassl Standard but with even more tantalizing task management tools. Including,

Try Hassl Business Features free for 14 days – visit Hassl Business


Lauren Crystal

Scottish digital entrepreneur in Melbourne. Proud MD of Your Creative Agency, co-founder of Hassl. Contributor to The Startup.

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