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November 20, 2018


Things Hassl can’t do – your finances (try out Xero), your dating life (try Tinder), that’s about it.

Streamlining process is one of the first stops for setting up or optimizing your business. Where to start with this might seem like a daunting task and before Hassl became the light of your life it was not a fun task. There’s a constellation of options – big and small – app-based and enterprise and before you even get to that you need to be able spell out what the structure of your business is and all the elements that make it tick.

Here at Hassl HQ, we’ve been working with businesses to design one singular place with the tools you need to help run your business. Hassl breakdowns workflow and strategy in the simplest form. You can set up a business on Hassl in less than 5 minutes. As it’s so easy to use, instead of a how to use instructions (which can be found here), here’s what to do with your first 5 minutes in workplace paradise.

Start out by making an account, filling out your details and inviting your team members. Then your five minutes begin.

Minute 1

The most challenging thing to work out is how you structure the day to day operations of your business. Although it may come easily to some, for others it requires some thought. The two common ones are departments or clients however these could stretch to a factory and the stages in a production run or a gallery the upcoming exhibitions. Whatever these are, they form your folders.

Minute 2

Under each folder you have projects. If we are using the example of a department structure in a fin services firm the projects that may come under the “Marketing folder” would be all the upcoming campaigns, i.e. EOFY 18 Campaign, Christmas Competition & 2019 Brand Campaign.

Minute 3

Under each project you then have your milestones. These may be agencies briefing, creative concepts, media plan and so on. Then add tasks under each i.e. creative agency, media agency and PR agency. Simply add a team member, status and due date to each and you’re done.

Minute 4

Repeat for all the active projects going on in your business. Although tedious once set up anything new coming in will be a breeze!

Tip: If you’re a visual person draw out your folders, projects and milestones on a piece of paper before you start adding it all in.

Minute 5





Hassl has a familiar interface, meaning once you’ve set up your business infrastructure, onboarding everyone is simple! Send out a group message to all your team members letting them know you want to have a 5-minute catch up on the new process moving forward using Hassl!


Lauren Crystal

Scottish digital entrepreneur in Melbourne. Proud MD of Your Creative Agency, co-founder of Hassl. Contributor to The Startup.

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