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September 24, 2018


When exhibiting at the Forbes Under 30 Summit one does not share flyers or branded pens. So what does a brand that questions everything create? Cards that question everything. Introducing “25 cards that question your work”.

How they work.

The cards are designed to work for anybody who wants to question how they work. No matter your industry, title or status in a company these cards will relate to you. They ask questions that spark thoughts and feelings about work. They give you the pause to contemplate change or to validate where you’re at. They will challenge you to reflect and seek out new ways to add genuine value, and happiness, to your work.

Using them in a team.

Organisational change affects everybody in a business from top to bottom. The cards are a great ice breaker to bring up conversations around change by creating a forum for team members to express themselves. Run a company workshop with them, getting as diverse a group of staff as possible – Jimmy from accounts, Nancy from reception, Robert from catering – they all know their every day the best! Alternatively, use them with your project team, kicking off a meeting with a card.

Using them by yourself.

Either during some deep thinking time or just to kill 5 minutes on the bus, the cards will help you question big and small elements of your work life. If you are absolutely loving what you do, these cards will let you delve deep it why this is. If you’re finding your work life difficult or stressful, it’ll help uncover what’s missing.

Using them in other wonderful ways.

  1. Take them to a dinner party. When the conversation starts steering towards the Kardashians, these will quickly bring it back to some great chat.
  2. Take them to your parents. Learn from your parents. Get them to cook dinner for you whilst you’re there.
  3. Take them on your next business trip. Ask a stranger on the plane. They might think of something in a way you never have before.

Our product promise.

Have you ever played cards against humanity at work and it’s a bit OTT for office hours. We promise question everything is 100% wholesome team collaboration. Feel free to play with your grandma.  And before you ask, yes of course they are made out of recycled materials! If you’d like a pack hit us up on the contact page and we will see what we can do.


Rachel Linacre

Rachel is Hassl's head of operations. She loves getting shit done and dogs.

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