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September 27, 2018


We’ve been working behind the scenes to collate and gather all our beta user’s ideas and feedback to evolve Hassl. One of the things that makes Hassl different is our no fluff philosophy.  We haven’t, and won’t bloat your dashboard with heaps of features. That is why our beta tester feedback is so important, letting our users decide what they need.

Since launch here are the tweaks and features we’ve rolled out:

  • Duplicate projects and templates
  • Mobile app!!!
  • File preview mode
  • Automatic time zones, celsius/fahrenheit and weather detection
  • File uploads for chats
  • Edit/delete comments
  • Bulk file uploads
  • Task descriptions
  • Re-order milestones
  • Archive tasks/milestones
  • Bulk zip download project files


We’re excited to launch mobile for our beta club this week, Hassl lets you work from anywhere, so mobile was always on the cards! Rather than just reducing Hassl to a smaller screen size we designed around how are our beta club want to use it. It’s got to be easy on a mobile screen whilst keeping the same functionality and a familiar interface.

Duplicate projects / templates

The option to duplicate projects and create templates was the most requested feature add in the last month, so to avoid bloat we killed two birds with one stone and simplified create a duplicate project – then you pop them into a template folder. We’ve made you a video on duplicating projects and creating templates – watch it here.


Our favourite feature add was, of course, emojis. What is effective team collaboration without emojis? 

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Rachel Linacre

Rachel is Hassl's head of operations. She loves getting shit done and dogs.

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